What Is the Difference Between Wet Area Remodeling and Full Bath Remodeling?

Wet Area Remodeling and Full Bath Remodeling


When your budget is limited, a complete remodel is challenging. Such upgrades cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, consider a wet area remodel, a fast and cost-effective remodel, when a full remodel isn't necessary.

Let's learn more about wet area and full bath remodeling in the following:

What Is Wet Area Remodeling

Wet areas are the parts of your bathroom that get wet often, for example, the shower room, floor, walls, laundry room, and tub areas. The only exceptions are the toilet, sink, and vanity, which only need a little upkeep and stay in good condition for a long time.

However, the wet areas are exposed to moisture and humidity, needing the most maintenance. Otherwise, mildew and mold can develop quickly. With wet area remodeling, you can prevent chips, dents, or cracks in wet areas and enjoy long-lasting and improved facilities. Wet area improvements also enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom.

What Is Full Bath Remodeling

A full bath remodeling includes everything in your bathroom, including the layout and walls. In a full bath remodeling, you can change the design, build new walls, add windows, furniture, fixtures, and more. However, the more upgrades and changes you make, the more expensive the remodeling gets.

Consider getting a full bath remodel when you have cracked tiles, significant water damage, structural issues, or excess mold. Homeowners often choose a full remodel when the bathroom area looks outdated.

A full bath remodel can improve the bathroom's aesthetics and increase its selling value. It can be an excellent investment- unless the budget is an issue.

When To Get A Wet Area Remodeling & When Not To

Typically, people get wet area remodels when they wish to upgrade their bathroom's aesthetics and functionality at a lower cost. Bathrooms are the most visited areas within a house, leading to faster deterioration and damage.

Instead of leaving the bathroom broken, you can upgrade the wet areas as a long-term investment. This will also save you from a sudden expense of thousands of dollars.

In addition, the return on investment is often higher on wet area remodeling than a complete bath remodel because less money is used to boost the bathroom's looks and functions, which eventually helps you recover the value quickly.

However, some houses give a better return on investment on full bath remodeling. Buyers often look for luxurious bathroom designs instead of cost-saving options. So, it's better to get advice from real estate agents to determine how to increase the ROI from bath remodeling.

On the other hand, if you wish to improve your bathroom facilities but plan to sell the house, investing in full bath remodeling is not wise. However, your preference should always get priority. When you dream of having a luxurious or modern bathroom and have no budget problem, go for full bath remodeling instead of wet area remodeling.

Best Wet Area Remodeling Tips

Replacing your old bathtub or shower can boost the aesthetics of your bathroom, which is usually the focal point. When every other fixture is in good condition, you don't have to replace them. However, changing the shower or bathtub will change the entire outlook of your bathroom.

A tub-to-shower conversion can also help you maximize the space within your bathroom. If you don't use your bathtub often, it'll soon develop dirt and mold. An unused tub is always a hassle, even when you have a tub-shower combo. So it's better to replace your tub for a shower when it's not often used.

For a luxurious look, go for walk-in showers. These are great for people with limited mobility and aged individuals. Safety features like no-slip flooring and handrails can also be integrated.

If your walls and liners are damaged or need replacement while other fixtures are in good condition - replace the walls and liners only.

Get A Modern Bathroom Design

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