How to Make Your Bathing Area More Accessible?


Bathing Area is More Accessible


Bathrooms are essential for everyone. However, a bathroom can be dangerous to those with mobility challenges. Regular setup and slippery floors can make bathroom visits uncomfortable and risky for older adults and people with limited mobility.

Having an accessible bathroom remodel is the best choice for caregivers who support older people or for senior citizens who have no external help. Below, we’ve suggested various bathroom upgrades so you can make the area more accessible for all.

Elevate Your Bathroom: Upgrade for Accessibility and Inclusivity

Consider The User’s Needs

Identify the specific needs of the household members before making any changes. Suppose you have someone in your family who uses a walker or wheelchair. Therefore, special considerations are needed in the design to make the bathroom more accessible and usable.

Ensure Maximum Safety & Comfort

Adding various safety features to your bathroom helps reduce injuries while increasing comfort. Grab bars, adequate lighting, and non-slip floors can drastically change your bathroom layout.

Grab Bars

Grab bars can be installed to offer extra support. Install these in the bathtub, near the shower, or the toilet, making getting in/out of showers, tubs, and on/off toilets much easier.

Non-Slip Floor

Replace the bathroom tiles with non-slip flooring when they are slick and slippery. This drastically reduces the risks of falls or accidents when the floor becomes wet or soapy. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, add grip strips over your current floor to increase practice.

Ample Lighting

Proper lighting allows senior citizens to see clearly and prevent falls and trips. Unlike young adults, older adults need more light to function correctly. This is why proper placement and adequate lighting are necessary in a bathroom. Try installing motion sensor lights or bright bulbs to help users see better.

Create A Handicap Accessible Bathroom

The addition of roll-in showers, widened doorways, and accessible toilet options allows people to access the bathroom quickly. Consider investing in modifications that help you achieve an accessible bathroom.

Roll-In/No-Barrier Showers

These curb-less or barrier-free showers allow people with wheelchairs or limited mobility to enjoy safe, independent showers. This remodel includes an integrated curb, drain, handheld showers, and barrier-free shower pan. Instead of doors, consider using shower curtain rods to improve the ease of use.

Widen Bathroom Doorways

When remodeling the bathroom, modify the entrance first. Because if you have a narrow entrance, no matter how accessible the shower and toilet are, accessing the bathroom gets complicated. Your doorway should be at least 36 inches wide for wheelchair users. Consider changing the door knob as well. Add a lever handle that is easier to grab and turn – perfect for wheelchair users.

Plan Toilet Height & Location

When your toilet is in the right location, it enhances accessibility for people with mobility challenges. Place the toilet in an easy-to-access location. The height of the toilet always affects its ease of use. Consider adding a toilet with a higher seat for people with a limited knee bend.

Make Innovative Bathroom Upgrades

Innovative technology and features can make your bathroom more functional. Here are some upgrades you might consider:

Accessible Sink and Countertop

Identify your specific needs before buying a new sink. Wall-hung sinks with supporting cabinets are ideal for wheelchair users because this design offers enough wheelchair clearance underneath the sink.

On the other hand, standard countertops are not that suitable for users in a seated position. They might need a lower countertop to navigate it with ease. Install adjustable-height countertops that can be raised or lowered as required.

ADA-Compliant Faucets

The faucet design and style should be essential when designing an accessible bathroom for people with limited mobility or dexterity. Some faucets are built adhering to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These faucets feature lever handles – the users don’t have to struggle to twist the handles. They can push the lever up/down and left/right to use the faucet using just one hand.

Making Your Bathroom More Accessible

Whether it’s a shower remodel or building a handicap-accessible bathroom, bathroom experts from Bath Planet of Jacksonville can become your trusted partner. We’ve been in this business since 1999, helping families cost-effectively redesign bathrooms. Contact our bathroom experts in Jacksonville to achieve a more accessible bathroom remodel.