Barrier-Free Showers in Jacksonville, FL

If your idea of relaxation is spending a long time in the shower, consider a barrier-free shower. It’s the perfect choice if you’ve decided a walk-in tub just isn’t for you. The open side of this shower makes it low-barrier as can be. It is level to the floor, so you don’t have to step over any obstacle to get into the shower stall. This is an excellent choice if you need a shower that is wheelchair accessible. We are so happy to offer this product to people with limited mobility. With Bath Planet, you can maintain your independence.

Please don’t let pride stop you from working with us to install a handicap shower in your home. Our designs are affordable, and our process to install your new barrier-free shower will take merely a day to complete.

Your Barrier-Free Shower Base

The professionals at Bath Planet will use a proven, proprietary process to take measurements of your existing shower space. After that, they will custom fit your new barrier-free shower base to match the rest of your bathroom design perfectly. That base will make your shower easier to access. We can also improve accessibility and safety with built-in seating, shelving units, and grab bars.

Of course, any accessible shower needs to be easy to maintain, keep clean, and durable. That’s why we use tough acrylic material to build these showers. Thanks to that durable material, Bath Planet showers can withstand use without incurring any damage. They also won’t chip, crack, or dent. What’s more, our showers materials are non-porous and easy to clean. The surface easily resists dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. You’ll be impressed that your shower is cleaner and healthier than it ever has been.

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