How to Model the Best Master Bathroom

Model the Best Master Bathroom


Your master bathroom is not just a bathroom – it's your sanctuary. A luxury bathroom remodel is crucial as this offers you a place to unwind, sing, and dream and the best experience.

Maybe you want to upgrade the bathroom lighting, build custom bathroom cabinets, or have a complete master bathroom renovation – the following guide is a must-read!

Learn The Costs First

Before a luxury bathroom remodel, you need a budget plan. And for this, know the factors affecting the costs. Whether you wish to replace some fixtures or have a new build – your situation significantly influences the cost.

Replacing things will require way fewer plumbing costs; however, complete remodeling, on the other hand, might require installing a new en suite, purchasing new fixtures, or remodeling your old layout.

There will be extra expenses if you build a bathroom outside your house's boundaries, where you need to install new plumbing systems. The costs will be lower if you can use the existing plumbing. To get an average idea of the cost, list the fixtures you would like to add to your master bathroom.

Find Out What You Need

Instead of getting what you want, identify your bathroom's needs and essential functions and purchase items accordingly. Consider hanging a cheap mirror above the sink if you don't need a fancy mirror. If you need more space, consider building a wall vanity if it fits your budget.

Avoid adding shelves, medicine cabinets, or wall recesses if you don't need them in the master bathroom. How your sink should be placed also matters. Find out what setting offers you the most convenience. You might put your sink into a cabinet, on the wall, or on the counter.

Moreover, identify what colors make your bathroom look cleaner and larger.

Colorful Illusions: Transform Your Bathroom with Hues that Enhance Space and Cleanliness

Use the Same Color For Floor & Wall Tiles

Keep the color of the bathroom walls and floor tiles the same. This helps the bathroom seem bigger. Even if the tiles are different, the same color makes a difference. You might tile the walls to a certain height and paint the rest. Keep this paint color the same as the floor and wall tiles.

Build Big Windows

If you have the privacy to add windows in the master bathroom, don't miss the chance. Add a big window or glass wall and let the sun into your bathroom. Consider putting some greenery inside the bathroom or on the windows. If possible, add a sliding door to step outside whenever you want.

Place Light Strategically

You can use lights to make your small bathroom look larger. Add LED strip lights on walls and floors. This helps you bring a daylight vibe to the whole bathroom space. You can also add lights above a concealed bulkhead or below a vanity to add a touch of sophistication.

Use Sliding Door For Compact Space

A door might take away valuable floor space inside your compact bathroom. Use alternatives like slide doors to maximize space unless you have a large bathroom. Such doors slide into a wall that takes up almost no space.

However, a hinged door lets you mount tower racks or other accessories to the back of the door. But you won't be able to do it with a pocket door that slides inside a wall. Consider adding a glass or frosted glass door if your en suite is dark. This allows you to bring some light from your bedroom to the bathroom.

Place Accessories Carefully

In addition to bathroom fixtures, your bathroom requires accessories like a towel rack and toilet paper holder. If you don't have a large bathroom, create space on the back of the door, above the toilet, or side of the vanity to put your accessories. A solid-core door is necessary if you like to screw the accessories securely on the door. The bathroom fixtures and accessories should have a coherent look; therefore, consider matching the colors.

Create The Master Bathroom Of Your Dreams

When you desire a luxury bathroom remodel, you need the help of experts who can understand your requirements and give your bathroom a perfect makeover. Bathroom experts at Bath Planet of Jacksonville can offer all kinds of remodeling services, from master bathroom renovation to bathroom lighting to custom bathroom cabinets. Let's work together to build your dream master bathroom – contact us today!