Shower Bases in Jacksonville, FL

Nobody wants to step into a shower where the floor is dingy, stained, cracked, or mildewy; a shower that still looks dirty even when it’s clean. Not to mention worn and outdated shower bases in your Jacksonville, FL home’s bathroom can really detract from an otherwise nice-looking bathroom. If all of this sounds familiar to you, it may be time for a new shower base from the bathroom remodeling experts at Bath Planet.

That is just one more service we offer out of our many bathroom remodeling options. You can count on us to install your custom shower in less time than it takes to complete a traditional remodel. Plus, we make less mess and offer lower prices.


Shower Bases Replaced

Bath Planet offers residents in Jacksonville, FL a wide range of shower bases to accommodate your tastes and preferences. Your new shower base will be custom-fit to work perfectly with your bathroom. You can choose from a standard, single threshold shower base that will replace your old one. If you’d prefer, we can also install a barrier-free shower floor to make your bathroom more accessible. Whatever you choose, we’ll always use the best quality products.

Every shower pan is made from multi-layer acrylic for durability. We will custom fabricate your shower floor for a perfect fit, and the material will maintain its finish for many years.

Our customers love our showers for their durability, but that’s not all. Bath Planet’s non-porous, grout-free surfaces for Jacksonville, FL residential bathrooms are very easy to clean and require no bleach or scrubbing.

Are you worried that you won’t be able to customize your shower base? Don’t be! You can choose from an array of styles and colors so that your new shower base matches your style and the design of the rest of the bathroom.

Do you want to learn more about one-day shower renovations? Call us for a free consultation!