Mitigating Mold, Mildew, and Staining in Your Shower


Tired of Fighting Mold and Mildew in Your Shower? Acrylic is the Permanent Fix.

If perpetual mold, mildew, and stains plague your tile, grout, and caulk despite relentless scrubbing, a Bath Planet acrylic shower replacement is the permanent solution you need.

We fully replace existing shower walls and floors with BCI acrylic that's custom-cut and installed onsite for a flawless fit. This nonporous material resists moisture, stains, soap scum, and mold far better than tile.

Why Grout Promotes Inevitable Mold Growth

All grout contains microscopic pores where moisture, soap, and minerals penetrate and get trapped below the surface. This moist environment allows mold and bacteria to thrive out of sight, gradually spreading to surrounding tiles, caulk, and walls. No amount of cleaning or regrouting eliminates it.

BCI Acrylic – Waterproof Barrier Against Mold

Bath Planet's BCI acrylic sheets are completely nonporous, blocking moisture absorption and subsurface mold growth. Interlocking panels are precision-measured and then cut onsite to fit any enclosure seamlessly. Corners and edges get fully sealed with silicone caulk. A great thing about our seal is that you don't have to reseal your shower every year. It is good to check your seal periodically, but our seal is made to last.

The high-gloss finish also prevents surface stains and grime adhesion that breed mold over time. Soap, oils, and mineral deposits get easily wiped away rather than penetrating a porous surface. This maintains a pristine, mold-resistant barrier.

We Rip All Old Tile Components Out Down to the Studs

To permanently eliminate existing mold breeding grounds, Bath Planet starts by fully demoing your shower down to the studs. We remove every trace of prior tile, grout, caulk, green board, and mold spores lurking within. This full gutting leaves zero remnants of problematic porous materials.

The shower gets rebuilt from the ground up using moisture-proof green board and custom-cutting BCI acrylic panels that interlock for a completely waterproof, mold-proof enclosure ready for the long haul.

Ongoing Care for Mold Solutions + Surface Protection

Caring for acrylic requires specialized products to maintain its impenetrable high-gloss. We provide preventive maintenance tips for gentle routine cleaning with nonabrasive formulas to preserve the protective finish. Quick wipe-downs after every use prevent any mold-promoting residue accumulation.

Ventilation is also key - exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, and prompt leak repairs deny moisture mold feeds on. Annual grout sealing enhances existing tile's surface protection against water, soap, and grime penetration, leading to mold growth.

The Unmatched Bath Planet Difference: Over 20 Years Perfecting Shower Replacements

With over two decades solely focused on custom acrylic bathroom remodeling, our expertise provides homeowners peace of mind. We handle complete tear-out of failing fixtures down to the studs, offsite disposal, installations of the latest moisture-proof building materials, and BCI acrylic panels precisely fitted to reinvent your mold-free shower sanctuary.

Our proprietary refacing process allows full shower renovation. The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval backs all work, plus strict compliance with ADA accessibility standards.

We understand the frustration of dealing with persistent mold issues in your shower space. Our extensive experience addressing these concerns has allowed us to develop innovative solutions beyond the surface. Our specialized team thoroughly inspects to identify underlying moisture sources and potential mold hotspots.

Moreover, our commitment doesn't end with the installation. We provide comprehensive guidance on maintaining your acrylic shower to ensure its long-term durability and resistance to mold. Our tailored recommendations cover proper cleaning methods, suitable products, and regular checks to preserve the condition of your new shower space.

At Bath Planet of Jacksonville, we prioritize customer satisfaction and stand by our craftsmanship. We aim to offer a quick fix and deliver a lasting, mold-free solution that transforms your bathing experience. Experience the difference with our dedicated approach and bid farewell to mold-related woes once and for all!

Say Goodbye to Tile Grout and The Inevitable Mold That Comes With It!

Don't waste another minute hopelessly battling the same recurring mold and bacteria thriving within porous grout lines no matter what you try. Bath Planet specializes in mold solutions - replacing 100% of failure-prone materials with BCI acrylic barriers resistant to moisture damage, stains, and scrubbing requirements.

Take control with a seamless, nonporous, custom-fitted acrylic shower that finally liberates you from the endless cycle of cleaning and regrouting. Contact The Bath Planet of Jacksonville today to learn more!