Bathtub Surrounds in Jacksonville, FL

There are few things worse than a dark stain on your bathtub walls that proves impossible to remove. You don’t have to keep scrubbing to no avail. Bath Planet is here with a bathroom Surrounds Replacement you can really get around. We have a team of experts that can take your outdated bath surround and upgrade it to a newer and more stylish model.

We customize every remodeling job to make sure it fits seamlessly into your existing space. And with our triple-seal technology, you can soak easily, knowing that no moisture will be able to seep behind your surround and cause water damage or mold growth.

New Jacksonville Bathtub Walls

Many consider a bathroom remodel to be a long, costly, and generally frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be! Bath Planet believes in making things better by making them easier, which is why we can replace your bathtub walls in just a single day!

Our Bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, FL, bathtub walls team takes all the necessary measurements and pictures of your current space. Based on that, we can design a customized set of new tub walls that will fit your bathroom and accommodate any style you’d like. It’s such a simple process, but you’ll be shocked at how much it enhances your room.

We design with acrylic, an incredibly durable material that stands up to frequent use and prevents mold and mildew. Our walls are designed to be low-maintenance, which will make your bathroom so much easier to clean. And for extra security, we offer a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for every installation we do.

You deserve a bathroom that helps you to relax and enjoy every time you use it, and with Bath Planet in Jacksonville, we can make that happen. Call us today to speak with one of our Jacksonville bathtub walls representatives and schedule a FREE bathroom remodeling consultation.