Limited Lifetime Warranty. Jacksonville Florida

At Bath Planet, we understand that guarantees are meaningless unless there is something to back them up. That’s why we proudly warranty our work, and our materials. We’re confident that our shower and bath systems will last for years and that our quality work will stand the test of time.

Coverage As Long As You Own Your Home

Our products are made from durable acrylic built to stand up to daily use, resist stains and damage, and remain functional for a lifetime. If you notice any damage, you are covered, as long as you own your home.

Transfer Of Warranty

If you sell your home within two years of our installation, we will happily transfer the warranty to the new owner. It’s an easy process and may add to the overall value of your home.

What’s Covered?

BCI Acrylic Bath Systems manufactures the durable parts that are used to build your bath or shower. The warranty states that their products will not fade, yellow, crack, bubble, or peel under regular use.

It also says that warranty claims are to go through the original dealer that performed the installation. They can also be submitted directly to BCI if the installer is no longer in business. The warranty does not cover shower heads or other items that were not manufactured by BCI.

Warranty Limitations

There are limitations to this warranty. It’s important to treat these products appropriately to avoid needless damage. You also want to make sure you don’t void the warranty!

For example, if the damage to your bath or shower is caused by dyes, paints, inks, abrasives, or harsh chemicals, it won’t be covered. Follow care instructions carefully to ensure that damage isn’t excluded from the warranty.

Please read the warranty in its entirety so that you understand how your new bath or shower is covered. Our team will be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

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