When Should You Renovate Your Existing Bathroom?

Renovate Your Existing Bathroom


Several reasons to renovate a bathroom include damage, outdated decor, and inadequate storage. But how often should you update your bathroom? Depending on the signs of wear, generally every four to five years.

So, what are some clear indicators that it's time to reconsider remodeling your bathroom? We've discussed some common issues you can easily spot so you don't have to worry about your bathroom falling apart.

Common Signs That Indicate It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom

Frequent use of bathrooms can cause wear and tear, eventually leading to them no longer meeting your needs. Some obvious problems include mold, mildew, old age, and cracked tiles.

You can probably already guess which bathroom sections require the most attention.

There's Some Mold Buildup

If you notice small mold patches forming on your shower or ceiling, you probably have a malfunctioning bathroom fan. A plumbing problem could also lead to mold growth.

If left unchecked, mold and mildew in your bathroom can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and other organs. So, you should take immediate action to resolve this problem! You'll need a new fan that functions properly because removing the mold and mildew once won't prevent it from returning.

The Paint is Peeling Off

There could be a more serious issue than just peeling paint in your bathroom. Insufficient airflow can lead to moisture buildup, which can damage the walls.

You can handle this task to address these minor issues. These minor issues can quickly escalate into larger ones, even if that's not the current situation. This can be costly and lead to structural damage or a change in your bathroom color schemes.

Your Tiles are Cracking

After many years of use, you may notice broken or cracked tiles in your bathroom. Sometimes, it's due to poor concrete substrate design techniques, low-quality tiles, misplaced joists, or incorrect adhesives during tile installation.

Water can also easily enter the snap and pass through the subfloor, weakening the concrete substrate and compromising the structural stability of your home's foundation.

A crack in the floor tile of your bathroom can lead to significant damage to your building. It is important to renovate your bathroom to prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs.

Plumbing Issues or Leaking Pipes

If there are any leaks or plumbing problems, you should address them promptly to prevent further damage. These leaks could be visible from the outside of your walls or hidden within them. A professional plumber inspects your bathroom to repair leaks and prevents flooding, or another serious damage is preferable.

Leaking pipes or running water can result in high water bills. To prevent future damage and save money, consult a bathroom expert in these situations.

Outdated Decor/ Changing Tastes

Over time, the quality and style of your bathroom may begin to deteriorate. If your fixtures are decades old or if you notice peeling paint, you could update your design to make your place appear more modern and appealing.

Bathrooms are a crucial selling feature when listing your property for sale. Frequent bathroom remodeling is necessary if you plan to sell your house. A bathroom makeover or changing your bathroom color schemes can significantly increase your home's market value and may even sway a prospective buyer's decision.

Why Should You Consult Bathroom Experts for Your Renovations?

The bathroom, one of the wettest spaces in a home, is also prone to regular signs of wear and tear. In addition to being visually unappealing, these damages harm you and your family. It is advisable to take all necessary precautions because bathrooms are the location of most home accidents.

For your peace of mind, Bath Planet of Jacksonville offers a variety of innovative bathroom remodeling options to bring your design concepts to life. With our expertise in construction, we can optimize your available space, enhance the value of your home, and improve your energy efficiency.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help improve the appearance of your bathroom.