Bathtub Liners

Has your bathtub lost its appeal? If your fixture is grimy, damaged, and generally outdated, there’s a way to put the shine back in your bathroom. With Bath Planet, our Jacksonville bathtub liners team can design a liner that will fit directly over your existing tub, giving you a fresh look without replacing anything! And you don’t need to go through the time, trouble, and cost of a whole construction project just to enjoy a lovely space.

We build with an acrylic shell over our liners to stand up to time and frequent use. All we need is the measurements of your current bathtub to create a perfect tub liner, and once it fits, there’s no chance of any kind of leakage. Bath Planet has the molds of over 1500 bathtub models, so we’re confident that we can find a bathtub liner in Jacksonville that will fit seamlessly into your bathroom system.

Line the Way with Bath Planet

What we love about our bathtub liners is that they’re long-lasting and easy to install. More than that, they’re incredibly low-maintenance for Jacksonville residents, thanks to the acrylic design. Acrylic is non-porous, which is why it’s able to resist mildew, and with no grout in the design, you don’t need to scrub nearly as hard. All you really need is hot water and vinegar to keep things sparkly clean.

At Bath Planet, we make sure to be respectful of your time and towards your home. Our installations are always completed on time, and we pair them with a limited lifetime warranty. Unlike the other guys, Bath Planet aims to make a stylish and functional bathroom attainable for anyone.

So if you’re ready to refresh your bathroom, call Bath Planet today. Our team of friendly representatives can answer any questions you may have and can help you schedule a FREE Jacksonville bathtub liner remodeling consultation.

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